How To Connect Antenna To Car Stereo

Car owners often wonder how to connect an antenna to a car stereo.  A new antenna could be needed to replace an old one or one may need to be installed for the first time.  Installing an antenna for the first time is more difficult and should be done by a professional, but connecting a new antenna to a car stereo to replace an old one can be done following the steps below.

To connect an antenna to a car stereo, you will need:

  • An Antenna
  • A wrench
  • Your car
  1. The first step to connect an antenna to a car stereo is to inspect the area of the fender that will receive the antenna.  The area should be cleaned thoroughly before installing the antenna.
  2. Next, insert the coaxial cable attached to the new antenna into the extension coaxial cable already inside the car's sound system.
  3. Connect the power antenna lead on the radio to the power lead on the antenna.  This will connect the power supply to the antenna.
  4. Next, connect the 12 volt antenna lead into the ignition switch or another source of voltage.
  5. Thread the antenna cable though the hole that was created by the previous antenna.
  6. The ground lead needs to be grounded onto a clean piece of metal near the hole.
  7. The next step to connect the antenna to the car stereo is to insert the antenna mast into the hole.
  8. Switch on the antenna switch until the gear catches the plastic cable and pulls it in about one to two feet.
  9. Secure the antenna with a bracket or strap, which should connect the fender and the base of the antenna mast.
  10. Secure the antenna's retainer nut to the base of the mast of the antenna.
  11. The final step in connecting an antenna to a car stereo is to replace the cover of the antenna attachment area.
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