How To Connect Audio Home Stereo

You don’t need to be an expert or a rocket scientist to figure out how to connect audio home stereo. All that is necessary is some tools and a few simple steps to connecting your home stereo and you will be on your way to hearing incredible, crisp, clear sound.

To connect audio home stereo you will need

  • audio wires
  • wire cutters
  1. Place your audio speakers in the desired location in your home; not to high and not too low. Position the speakers like in the shape of a square, a speaker placed in each corner of that square; to give you optimal stereo quality.

  2. If you have wires that are already pre-cut than cutting may not be necessary. If the wires need to be cut then measure the length from the audio speakers to the receiver or amplifier and cut the wires with wire cutters, now insert lead wires into wire stripper

  3. Determine the positive lead speaker wire on each piece of wire. It’s depends on what type of wire it is. Some may have a positive sign (+) and a negative sign (-) and some may be color coded it may have a tag on the wires to say which is the positive lead and which is the negative lead, if not it will be on the directions. Remove about a half an inch of insulation to each end of lead wires to expose the bare wires.

  4. The terminal on each audio speaker needs to be open; this may be done one at a time. Connect the first audio speaker wire by sliding the bare end into the open slot on the terminal. Position the positive lead wire into the positive terminal (+ or red wire) then press positive terminal closed and the negative lead wire into the negative terminal (- or black wire) then press closed negative terminal. Repeat the exact same progress for the remaining audio speakers.

  5. Open the speaker terminals on the back of your receiver or amplifier. The terminals will be marked with an “L” for speakers positioned on the left and “R” for speakers positioned on the right. Slide the bare wires into the terminal marked L (Left). Then slide the bare wires into the terminal marked R (right). Secure the wires by pressing each terminal closed.

This is a fairly simple audio home stereo project, that your family and friends with be impressed with when they hear the booming and realistic audio sound coming from your home stereo. It will be like experiencing having front row seats at a sold out concert or going to and action pack movie premiere in your very own entertainment room. Before giving your new home stereo a test drive, make sure the positive and negative wires are in the correct terminal and all the wires are secured. Also depending on the set-up of your speakers you want to conceal the wires, so it can look professional, there are several simple ways of doing it.

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