How To Connect Cell Phone To Home Phone

Knowing how to connect a cell phone to home phone can be a convenient way to use your cell phone at home. You can also make use of this concept if you don't already have a home phone service. This is one way you might be able to save money too. There are several devices that you can purchase for connecting your home and cell phones. Follow these steps to learn how to connect your cell phone to your home phone. 

  1. investigate the different devices available to serve this purpose and determine which will best fit your needs. You will need to make sure that it will be compatible with your cell phone too. One device you can use is the RCA cell docking station. There are various similar models available as well.
  2. Attach your home phone to the phone docking device.  With devices like the RCA docking station, you will need to use the included wireless home phone instead. Attach a phone line from the device to your home phone if your device uses standard home phones for use.
  3. Some devices support connecting with blue tooth, and some use a wired connection to the cell phone. Attach the cell phone in one of these ways. Check the manual if you are unsure of which method is used. 
  4. Test that you can make and receive phone calls with this setup. If you use a home phone service, make sure that calls can be received to your home phone still.
  5. Read the manual that came with the cell phone docking device. This is important, because each one is used differently.



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