How To Connect A Digital-To-Analog Converter Box, Dish Cable, DVD Player And VCR To The Same TV

Do you need to know how to connect a digital-to-analog converter box, dish cable, DVD player and VCR to the same TV? If you need to connect a lot of devices to the same TV, using a home theater, or A/V receiver, can help. Some TVs only have one or two inputs, which can cause a problem if you don't have a receiver. An A/V receiver, or audio/video receiver, attaches many devices to a single device, and then uses one input to the TV. Using one of these devices you can connect a DVD player, VCR, dish cable and digital-to-analog converter box to one television. Follow these steps to learn about how to connect multiple devices to one TV.

To connect a digital-to-analog converter box, dish cable, DVD player and VCR to the same TV, you will need:

  • Audio cables
  • Video cables
  • An A/V receiver 
  1. Connect the digital-to-analog converter box to the receiver. This will require the use of composite video and audio cables. Make sure to attach the cables to the area on the back of the receiver that is designated for the same input. This applies to the other devices, such as your DVD player and VCR, as well when you connect them.
  2. Connect the dish cable to the receiver. Attach a video and audio cable from your dish receiver to the A/Vreceiver. Depending on the devices, use the highest definition cable that is supported. Use a composite cable to connect them if this is the only connection supported.
  3. Attach the DVD player and VCR to the receiver in the same manner as the other devices. Use the highest definition cable supported by the DVD player and VCR. Attach them in the same way your digital-to-analog converter box and dish cable were attached.
  4. Attach the receiver to the TV. Again, use the highest definition cable available on both devices. If you've connected everything properly, your digital-to-analog converter box, DVD player, VCR and dish cable should all function on your TV.
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