How To Connect A DVD Player To A TV

Connecting a DVD player to any TV is simple as long as you have all the right parts. If you've ever had trouble getting your DVD player to work, you won't anymore. Follow these simple steps to get one of the key components to your entertainment center up and running. Here's how to connect a DVD player to your TV.

  1. Know your TV. The first step to connecting a DVD player to your TV is knowing what kind of connections are compatible with your TV. Most TV's have one of three possible connection points. There should be a connector for a standard cable line hook up. There should also be a place to connect a standard audio visual cable. You know, the cable with red, white, and yellow coded cords. Newer flat screen modeled TVs have HDMI connections  for DVD players as well. A DVD player will work well connected to either port.
  2. Your DVD player. Most likely, your DVD player will come with a standard audio visual cable. These cables are color coded. Just match the color of the cord head with the port and you're golden. If you would rather connect your DVD player to the TV with a standard cable cord or HDMI cable, you'll have to buy them separately. The standard cable cord hooks directly into the back screw-in port that old school cable boxes used to run through. Standard cable cords are rather cheap nowadays because the HDMI cables are the newest of video viewing technology. HDMI cables work for TV's with HD (high definition) capabilities. The price for HDMI cables range in price from $12 to $50. Whatever attachment you decide to use has a type specific hook up somewhere on the TV. After a quick plug in, you should be ready to go. 
  3. Troubleshooting. There's just a few things you should know. Every port has it's own channel on the TV. You ever seen the "input" button on a TV remote? Well the input is where the TV is pulling a particular audio visual signal. So, the HDMI's signal will be on a different input channel then say the standard cable hook up (which coincidentally runs through the antennae input). After you connect a DVD player to your TV, turn on the player. Use the TV remote to cycle through the input channels until you find the channel that corresponds to you DVD hookup.  You're all set. Happy viewing.
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