How To Connect An Ethernet Cable To A PS3

How to connect an Ethernet cable to your PS3 is extremely important if you want to play games online. Of course if you have a wireless modem or router then it is not important to connect an Ethernet cable to your PS3 console, but it still could help you to receive a better internet signal and improve your gaming experience.

To connect an Ethernet cable to your PS3, you will need:

  • Ethernet cable
  • PS3 Console
  • Internet connection
  • Internet modem/router
  1. Turn your PS3 console off and ensure it is unplugged. When you are sure that there is no electricity going to your PS3, turn the console so that you can easily see the back of the console. You will want to be sure that you can easily see what each open connection is for so be sure that you can read the labels.
  2. Verify if your internet connection uses a modem. If your internet connection uses a standard modem and you want to connect multiple devices to the internet like a computer as well as your PS3, there is a chance that you will need to purchase a router. Read your modem’s owner manuals to determine if your modem can support more than one device. Most cannot so to be sure you are fully informed.
  3. Ensure that your modem is properly connected to the Internet. When your internet was set up they explained to you how to keep your modem connected so you can receive internet. Read your owner’s manual if you have any questions about your modem.
  4. Measure the distance between your modem and your router. You need your Ethernet cable to be slightly longer than the distance between the two devices. You also need to measure the distance between your router to where you will be keeping your PS3. Again the Ethernet cable you use to connect these two devices must be slightly longer that the distance between the devices in case you need to move them for any reason.
  5. If you have to use a router you will need to connect your modem to your router. You will do this with an Ethernet cable, also known as “CAT 5” cable. Plug the Ethernet cable into the “ETHERNET” port on the back of your modem. Then insert the opposite end of that cable to your router. You will want to plug it into the port that is labeled “0”, “WAN” or “WLAN” typically.
  6. Now it is time to connect your PS3 console to your Router. You will want to take your second Ethernet cable and plug it into the “1” port on the back of your router. Then insert the other end of that Ethernet cable to the port labeled “ETHERNET” on the back of your PS3.
  7. If you do not have a router plug the Ethernet cable directly from the back of your modem to your PS3 console.



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