How To Connect Ethernet Cable To Wii

Need to know how to connect an ethernet cable to the Wii? Do you have a Nintendo Wii but don't know how to connect an ethernet cable to it? Well by following these step-by-step instructions, you will know exactly how to connect your ethernet cable to the Wii.

To connect your ethernet cable to the Wii, you will need:

  • An active broadband internet connection (either DSL or cable)
  • A Wii LAN adapter
  • A cable modem or wired router
  • An ethernet cable
  1. Make sure your internet connection is compatible with your Nintendo Wii. If your connection is not compatible, you will not be able to connect your ethernet cable to your Wii. Many DSL routers are not compatible with the Wii, so make sure to contact your service provider to make sure or simply use a router instead.
  2. Connect the ethernet cable to your modem or router. Your ethernet cable needs to be connected directly from your broadband modem or wired router. When using a modem you will need to temporarily unplug the cable going to your computer if it previously connected to it. You will not be able to connect it directly from your computer, it must be to a router or broadband modem.
  3. Insert the Wii LAN adapter into a USB port. The USB ports are located in the back of the Wii console. Since the back of the Wii console does not come standard with a ethernet input, you need this adapter. Make sure the power on your Wii console is turned off before inserting the LAN Adapter in order to avoid electrocution.
  4. Connect an ethernet cord from your wired modem or broadband router to the ethernet port on the Wii LAN adapter. Your final step in the process connects your ethernet cable to the Wii. Once connected, turn on the Wii console and follow the steps in order to set up your internet connection settings.

Now you know exactly how to connect your ethernet to the Wii, which is a rather simple process once you assemble all of your supplies.



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