How To Connect Guitar To Computer Using MIDI Cables

Want to learn how to connect a guitar to a computer using MIDI cables?  This article will show you ways you can connect your guitar to your computer and have a mini studio at your hands without a huge expense.  You won't need to put a lot of money down to get set up.  It is very simple, so lets get started.

1.  Type of guitar.  You may be wondering what type of guitar you need to use to connect to the computer using MIDI devices.  All you need is an electric guitar with regular 1/4" mono jack.  Or if using an acoustic guitar a pick up with a 1/4" mono jack.  Nothing else is required to be on the guitar to connect it to the computer using MIDI cables. 

2.  MIDI interfaces.  There are many MIDI interfaces that can be used to connect the guitar to the interface of the computer.  In this article we are focusing on connecting to the computer using a MIDI cable, not an USB cable, but if you want to check out the different choices of MIDI interfaces at music stores feel free to do so.  A lot of the newer ones use USB cables now.  The good thing about MIDI cables is they have a long life-span, they tend to last longer than any other hardware device.  What is needed to connect the guitar to the computer using MIDI cables is a MIDI PCI card physically installed in the computer, if not already, and a MIDI interface that will allow you to connect the guitar to the interface and from there a MIDI interface to the MIDI PCI of the computer using MIDI cables. 

3.  Computer.  When purchasing the MIDI PCI card, you will want to make sure it is compatible with the computer you are using.  Before buying, get the specs of your computer so you know what will work and what won't work on the computer.  When buying the hardware it will tell what the requirements for the MIDI PCI card and MIDI interface.  

4.  Software.  Normally, a software program will be included with the hardware you buy.  In some cases, you will have to buy the software separately.  There are many good software programs out there that focus on guitar recording.  Take your time to shop around so you make the best decision.   

5.  Connecting the guitar using MIDI cables.  The last step is to connect everything together and have fun with it.  Connect the guitar to the MIDI interface and from the MIDI interface to the computer using MIDI cables.  Turn on the computer and start playing. 

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