How To Connect Guitar Hero Microphone To Wii

Guitar Hero for the Nintendo Wii is a great game, but only if you know how to connect a Guitar Hero microphone to the Wii. Though it may seem easy at first, it can be very tricky to actually get the Wii console to accept the Guitar Hero microphone. With these easy steps, you will be rocking out with Guitar Hero in no time.

To connect a Guitar Hero microphone to the Nintendo Wii console, you will need:

  • A Nintendo Wii remote (this is a must-have for connecting the Guitar Hero microphone)
  • The Guitar Hero microphone
  • The Guitar Hero game
  1. Turn off the Nintendo Wii console and allow it to remain off at least one full minute. This step ensures that the console resets itself to a powered off mode and allows for new connections to be accepted to the USB ports of the console itself. Without this step you may run the risk of your equipment not being recognized.
  2. Plug the Wii remote into the appropriate slot. You can ensure that it is the appropriate spot for the Wii remote by ensuring that you are plugging the remote into the first USB slot available on the console. Doing this is necessary in order to connect the Guitar Hero microphone to the Wii and have it recognized.
  3. Using the appropriate USB slot on the Wii console, connect the Guitar Hero microphone. The Guitar Hero microphone should go into the second USB slot on the console.
  4. Reboot the Nintendo Wii console to the start screen. To reboot the console you simply turn the console to the ON position. Allow the console to boot up as normal and give it time to recognize both the remote and the Guitar Hero microphone.
  5. Place the Guitar Hero gaming disk in the console drive. You can do this by opening the disk drive and placing the disk label side up in the drive. Close the drive and let the console recognize and load the Guitar Hero game. The Guitar Hero microphone should be recognized at this point.
  6. Go to the configuration screen. You will know that you have arrived at the Guitar Hero configuration screen when you can view the volume, music and other controls options. If you do not see these options, return to the main menu and look for the Options tab. Select this tab using the Wii remote.
  7. Using the Wii remote, set the configuration that is appropriate for your Guitar Hero microphone. You have several options in the Guitar Hero configuration screen. Choose the Guitar Hero microphone and other options that fit your gaming style. Once finished, return to the main menu.
  8. Enjoy your game. Your microphone and remote are connected and you ready to rock. Select play and have fun playing your Guitar Hero game!

Though there have been issues with the Guitar Hero microphone not connecting properly or the Nintendo Wii console not showing the connected Guitar Hero microphone, the steps above should prevent that error. If you have any trouble or the console does not seem to allow you to connect a Guitar Hero microphone, then it is suggested that you contact Activision through their technical support page.



Activision support

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