How To Connect A Headset To The PS3

How to connect your headset to the PS3 may seem tricky and also varies depending upon what type of headset you are connecting. If you are trying to connect a Bluetooth headset you would connect it slightly different than you would connect a USB headset.

To connect a Bluetooth headset to the PS3, you will need:

  • PS3 Controller
  • Bluetooth Headset Owner’s Manual
  • Bluetooth Headset
  1. Review your Bluetooth headset owner’s manual to find out how to set it up for pairing. Typically you would just press and hold the button on your headset until your light flashes, but every headset is a little different so read your manual to ensure you know how to set your headset up for pairing properly.
  2. Turn on your PS3 and use the controller to navigate to you “Settings” menu. Once you have found the "Settings" menu press “X” on your controller.
  3. Find the “Accessory Settings” option. Scroll down the “Settings” menu until you have found the “Accessory Settings” option, then press “X” to select the option.
  4. Find the “Manage Bluetooth Devices” options. You will need to scroll down through the “Accessory Setting” options until you find the option labeled “Manage Bluetooth Devices”, and press “X” on your controller.
  5. Select that you would like to register a device. Your PS3 will then display this message, “There are no Bluetooth devices registered. Do you want to register a device?” “Yes” should be highlighted already, so press “X” to select it or navigate over to it and press “X”.
  6. Be sure you have your Bluetooth prepared properly before scanning for it. The next message that you will receive on your PS3 is “To register (pair), you will need to prepare the Bluetooth device. For information on preparing the device, refer to the instructions supplied with the Bluetooth device.” Once you are sure you have properly prepared your Bluetooth device navigate to the “Start Scanning” option and press “X” on your controller once again.
  7. Now you must verify your Bluetooth device. Once you have selected for your PS3 to start scanning for your Bluetooth signal your PS3 will change to a screen that states “Scanning”. Once your PS3 finds your Bluetooth device you will be prompted to supple a four digit code that verifies the device is actually yours. This code will also be easily found in your Bluetooth owner’s manual.
  8. Check your devices audio settings. Navigate back to “Accessory Settings” then scroll down to the “Audio Device Settings” option and select it by pressing “X”.  You will have an option to change your microphone sensitivity be sure that you test out how sensitive your microphone is before you just automatically set it at the highest setting. With newer Bluetooth devices setting it on “1” is sensitive enough for other players to hear you well without involving all of your house’s background noise.
  9. Verify your Input Device and Output Device. In the same menu where you set your microphone level you will want to ensure that both your “Input Device” and “Output Device” have your Bluetooth headset selected. In most cases this will be done automatically, but not always so it best to double check.

To connect a USB Headset, you will need:

  • PS3 Controller
  • USB Headset
  1. Turn on your PS3 console and plug your USB headset into one of the USB ports on the front of the PS3. You can also use a stereo headset, but first you will need to purchase a Stereo to USB adapter.
  2. Navigate to your “Settings” menu and press “X” to select this menu. Then scroll down to the “Audio Device Settings” press “X”.
  3. Verify audio settings are correct. Be sure to test your Microphone settings. Also check to ensure that the PS3’s “Input Device” and “Output Device” have your USB headset selected.

You can select to have your “Output Device” to still go to your TV if you would rather hear the sound from the game on your television speakers instead of any headset you may choose to use. Now enjoy your new gaming experience!

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