How To Connect An iPod To A Stereo Receiver

There are many people that have researched how to connect an iPod to a stereo receiver. This is of no surprise because iPods have the ability to hold an unsurpassed amount of songs on one small device. This device allows the music to be shuffled as if listening to a radio station. The iPod's features allow the device to be multifunctional with capabilities that are useful in a variety of settings and can be shared within an entire home.

The iPod allows the music to be programmed to play the most played songs first among with a variety of other settings. It also allows the device to repeat all or particular songs. One of the most popular uses of an iPod is connecting it to a receiver to play over speakers. This is the primary reason why most people want to know how to connect an iPod to a stereo receiver. Connecting the iPod to the receiver is quite simple. Following a few steps can result in wiring the iPod and learning how to connect an iPod to a stereo receiver in less than five minutes. 

There are a couple of methods to learn how to connect an iPod to a stereo receiver.  The first method is the iPod docking station. The greatest benefit of this method is the iPod will be able to charge while playing music and the remote allows the music to be easily controlled. Follow these steps to make this type of connection:

Before beginning the process of connecting an iPod to a stereo receiver, you will need:

  • RCA cables
  • iPod docking station
  • iPod
  • Stereo system with speakers
  1. Purchase the iPod docking station of choice and the connecting cables (coaxial or fiber for the best quality). Plug in the small plug to the iPod dock.

  2. Plug the the red/white cables to the back of the stereo receiver. Place the iPod in the dock and turn on the iPod.

  3. Adjust the volume by using the dock remote. Activate the stereo receiver and increase the volume.


The next method is to begin by utilizing RCA connections and cables. The following points will prove most valuable when selecting the proper cables:

  • The type of RCA connections that should be used are the "Aux in" or "Stereo in" connections. These are connections that are found on the back of the stereo input.
  • The RCA cable needed for this connection is either red or black for one channel and white or black for the other channel.
  • The opposite end of the cable should be a stereo mini plug.
  • When searching for a cable, the quality of the cable has a great impact on the quality of the sound that will be produced.
  • The most commonly purchased cables provide superior sound quality, such as the gold plated cables (Monster cables, Acoustic Research cables and Belkin cables).
  • Other wires labeled "Nickel plated," although are very cost efficient, have been known to produce inferior sound output.


To properly connect these cables between the iPod and the stereo, the following steps should be followed:

  1. Connect the RCA end (two different colors) to the proper (CD, auxiliary, line or tape) receiver input. Ensure the proper connection of the headphone end goes into the iPod headphone socket.

  2. Turn the receiver on and turn the iPod on. Choose a song and press "Play."

  3. Adjust the volume on the receiver. Adjust the volume on the iPod.


Tips & Warnings:

  • Caution should be made to never plug the RCA end of the cord to the Phono receiver input because this setting is used only for turntables. Using this receiver input would only produce a muffled sound and a loud buzzing noise over the speakers.
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