How To Connect A Lcd Tv To A Reciver

You've just purchased a receiver and need to know how to connect a LCD TV to a receiver? A receiver is the core part of home entertainment theater system. A receiver is important because it controls all the audio and video information for all the components connected to your system. Without a receiver you would not have sound in your theater system. It is not difficult to connect a receiver to your LCD TV. Just allow a little time and before you know it, you will have your receiver hooked up to your LCD TV.

To connect a LCD TV to a receiver, you will need:

  • LCD TV
  • a receiver
  • audio/video cables
  1. Unplug all of your power cords.  Unplug your LCD TV, and receiver from the wall outlet, in addition to any other components that you will be connecting to the receiver. This will prevent any shock or damage from occurring.
  2. Make sure you have the appropriate cables. On the back of your receiver and your LCD TV you will see all of the input and output connections that are needed based upon what components you will be connecting to your receiver. Purchase any additional cables if needed to connect your LCD TV to your receiver.
  3. Plug in your cables. Connect your cables for your TV output that is in conjunction with the correct input cables on your receiver. Make sure that you connect all of your components to the correct color cables on both your LCD TV and your receiver. Also, your audio/video cables must be plugged into the correct inputs to get the proper picture and sound. Plug all your power cords back in.
  4. Select the right input on your receiver. Once you have connected your LCD TV to your receiver, select the correct input on your receiver to connect the correct input on your TV. This will enable you to have sound and video. You can also use a certain components connected to the receiver when you select that input on your TV.



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