How To Connect The Mic For The Nintendo Wii

Need to know how to connect the mic for the Nintendo Wii? As with any gaming system that has been produced recently there are many accessories that are available for use with gaming systems. In this case this tutorial will show you how to properly connect a microphone to the Nintendo Wii for use with games such as Rock Band, Guitar Hero, or simply those karaoke nights.

Items Needed

  • Wii Microphone
  • Wii Console


  1. Start off by turning the power to the Wii console off. You will be able to see that the power has been completely turned off because the LED Light will turn to orange or red.
  2. Make sure the check the USB connections on the back of the Wii console for cleanliness. If there is dust blocking the USB ports, simply use a soft, dry cloth and wipe the connectors clean.
  3. Insert the USB plug from the Wii Microphone into the USB port on the back of the Wii console.
  4. In order for the Wii microphone to work properly with the console, you must place the microphone above or below the television depending on where the Wii sensor bar is located.
  5. Remove the anti-slip padding from the Wii microphone and place the microphone on top of the Wii sensor, aligning it with the grooves on the sensor. Be careful so that you do not unintentionally remove the anti-slip pads.
  6. If the Wii sensor bar is located under the television, you may place the Wii Microphone on top of the television making sure to secure the microphone using the anti-slip pads. If you feel the microphone is not secure enough, there are additional pads that come with the microphone for this specific use.

Note: To remove the microphone when no longer needed just repeat steps 1-3 and instead of inserting the USB cord, you would remove it. If you happen to have more than two items hooked up to the USB ports at the same time on the Wii console it is best to purchase a USB Hub, which as its own AC power supply.

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