How To Connect MP3 Player To Car Stereo

You would like to be able to play your MP3 player in your car and want to know how to connect a MP3 player to a car stereo. Connecting a MP3 player to a car stereo allows you to listen to your favorite music at any time you like while driving your car. Using a MP3 player gives you the option to choose and listen to the hundreds or even thousands of song choices on your MP3 player. Depending on the year and type of car that you have, there are a few different options on how to connect a MP3 player to a car stereo.

To connect a MP3 player to a car stereo you need:

  • USB connection or
  • cassette adapter  or
  • FM transmitter
  • batteries

USB Connection

  1. Attach the USB cable to your car's AUX jack. The AUX jack hole matches the size of you headphone jack on your MP3 player. Plug in your USB cable into the AUX jack hole.
  2. Connect your MP3 player to the USB by taking the other end of the USB cable and plug it into the correct input in your MP3 Player.
  3. Select the AUX on your car stereo and then turn on your MP3 player. You are now able to browse through your MP3 player, select your songs and they will play through your car stereo.

FM Transmitter Connection

  1. If your transmitter is battery operated put batteries into your FM transmitter. If not insert the FM transmitter into the cigarette lighter in you car.
  2. Connect your MP3 player plug in the audio cable into the headphone jack.
  3. Make sure that your transmitter and MP3 player are turned on. Turn on your car stereo and search for the correct radio frequency channel. Your song will play through the radio when the correct radio frequency channel is found.

Cassette Adaptor Connection 

  1. Turn on the car stereo and insert the cassette tape into the cassette deck on the car stereo.
  2. Plug the audio wirer into the MP3 player audio jack and then insert the audio jack end into the cassette adaptor.
  3. Power on your MP3 player and play your music.
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