How To Connect Nokia 2330 To PC With Bluetooth

Enjoying all of the features of the Nokia 2330, including using the phone as modem, will require you to learn how to connect Nokia 2330 to PC with Bluetooth. With Bluetooth technology, the Nokia 2330 is capable of connecting to a PC for both data transfer and as a modem. Connecting the Nokia 2330 to PC with Bluetooth requires no special equipment or cables, just a compatible computer and some spare time.

What you will need:

  • Nokia 2330
  • Computer with Bluetooth Support
  • Cellular Plan with Unlimited Data (Optional)
  • Nokia PC Suite (Optional)
  1. Power on the Nokia 2330. Turn the power on and allow the Nokia 2330 to start-up. Allow the phone to boot to the home screen.
  2. Navigate to the settings menu. Start by selecting the Menu from the home screen. Highlight Settings and press OK.
  3. Navigate to the Bluetooth configuration menu. Highlight Connectivity and press OK. Highlight Bluetooth and press OK.
  4. Set up the phone's name. Highlight My phone's name and press OK. Enter a name for your phone, press OK.
  5. Activate the Bluetooth connection. After entering the phone's name, select Bluetooth. Select the option for On and press OK.
  6. Connect to the phone from the PC with Bluetooth. The PC will automatically detect the phone once Bluetooth is active. Allow the computer to connect to the device with Bluetooth by clicking Allow when asked by Windows. The Nokia 2330 is now automatically connected as a phone modem with Bluetooth. Transferring data with Bluetooth will require the Nokia PC Suite to be launched wherein the Nokia 2330 will automatically be detected.


The phone as modem function on the Nokia 2330 works without additional software using the Bluetooth Personal Area Network (PAN). If your computer does not support PAN, it may not function even when connected with Bluetooth.

The Nokia 2330 User Manual states that users should visit the Nokia website to download the Nokia PC Suite Software.

Connecting the Nokia 2330 to the PC with Bluetooth in combination with the Nokia PC Suite will allow you to transfer pictures to the Nokia 2330 from the PC. It may also be possible to transfer ringtones depending on the version of Nokia PC suite.

The Nokia 2330 is fully compatible with the Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR standard. It should be able to connect to any Bluetooth enabled PC or laptop with Bluetooth.

If the device fails to connect, ensure Bluetooth is enabled on the Nokia 2330 by repeating this guide. Reset the PC completely and try to connect again with Bluetooth.

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