How To Connect Nokia 5800 To Wireless Modem

Learning how to connect the Nokia 5800 to a wireless modem can reduce mobile data usage costs and allow for free, wireless Internet browsing anywhere Wi-Fi service is available. Wi-Fi services is typically available at restaurants, malls, airports and of course, in the comfort of your home if you utilize a wireless modem/router. The Nokia 5800 can browse the internet, download music and view videos while connected to the Internet via a Wireless Modem.

What you will need:

  • Nokia 5800
  • Wireless Modem/Router/Wi-Fi Network Available
  1. Open the settings menu. From the home screen of the Nokia 5800, select "Menu". Highlight "Settings" and press "OK".
  2. Select the connectivity settings. Find and highlight "Connectivity". Select "Connectivity" by pressing "OK".
  3. Start the Wireless LAN Wizard. Highlight "Wireless LAN" and press "OK". The Wireless LAN Wizard will now launch on your Nokia 5800.
  4. Complete the Wireless LAN Wizard. Connect the Nokia 5800 to wireless modem by completing the Wireless LAN Wizard. The Wireless LAN Wizard will show a list of available networks, select the one you wish to connect to. Enter the Network Key if the network is protected by security. This should be the key you setup when you configured your Wireless Modem, if you are unsure of it, contact your Network Administrator.
  5. Browse the internet. The Nokia 5800 is now connected to your wireless modem. You can begin browsing the internet on the Nokia 5800 by using the built-in web browser or any internet enabled application. All data from the Nokia 5800 will be transferred through the Wireless Modem.

Troubleshooting & Tips:

  • If you are unsure of your Security Key or WEP key to connect to your home network, look on the wireless modem. Some wireless modems have a sticker with the WEP key.
  • Repeat this process to change networks, selecting the Wireless Modem (Network) you wish to connect to with the Nokia 5800.
  • Any usage of the aGPS (GPS) will not go through the Wireless Mode, but rather your cellular network. If you do not have a data plan, avoid using the aGPS service.
  • If your Wireless Modem (Network) does not appear in the Wireless LAN Wizard on the Nokia 5800, ensure that you are close enough to the Wireless Modem. Ensure the device is functioning properly, test this with another Wireless Enabled Device. Try resetting the Wireless Modem and the Nokia 5800, repeat the entire process to connect Nokia 5800 to Wireless Modem.



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