How To Connect Olevia Syntax To Digital Converter

Need to know how to connect an Olevia Syntax to a digital converter? Connecting an Olevia Syntax TV to a digital converter is the same as connecting other analog televisions to a digital converter box. Installing your Olevia Syntax is a very simple process. This will allow you to view digital over-the-air TV stations. Follow these steps to learn about connecting your Olevia Syntax or other TV to a digital converter box.

To connect an Olevia Syntax to a digital converter, you will need:

  • Coaxial cable
  • An antenna
  • A digital converter box
  1. To connect your Olevia Syntax, first detach the existing antenna from your TV if you have been using one for analog broadcasts. Attach an antenna to the "antenna in" connection on the converter box. Install the antenna in an elevated location for the best reception.
  2. Attach a coaxial cable from the "to TV" connection on the digital converter box to the "antenna in" connection on the TV. Most coaxial cables are attached by screwing on the connectors to the ports. Other types can simply be inserted into the connection.
  3. Plug in the power cable for the converter box. Turn on the converter box and the TV.
  4. Change the input on your Olevia Syntax TV to the antenna video channel or channel three or four. You will need to figure out what input your TV needs to be on to use the "antenna in" connection. Consult the TV manual for help.
  5. Follow the on-screen setup guide on the digital converter box with the remote control for this device. Scan for channels available in your area to be able to view them. You may need to reposition your antenna again to get the best reception.



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