How To Connect Ps3 To A Phillips Full Hd 1080p

Need to know how to connect a PS3 to a Phillips full HD 1080p? Maybe you just got a full 1080p television, and you cannot wait to put your PS3 to the test. But maybe you can't get your PS3 to work on your new Phillips full HD 1080p. If you're stuck, check out these tips for connecting a PS3 to a Phillips full HD 1080p HDTV.

  1. You are going to need an HDMI cable first and foremost. Most PS3s do not come with HDMI cables included in the packages. The cable probably should come with your PS3, but most do not sell them bundled with the HDMI cable, so you're forced to buy one separately.
  2. You want a good HDMI cable. Make sure you get a cable that will deliver the best high-quality picture. Make sure to do your research; we've used our fair share of crummy HDMI cables, and a bit of legwork online can help you avoid a bad choice.
  3. Do not plug your PS3 into a regular wall socket. Make sure you have both your Phillips HDTV and your PS3 hooked up to a surge protector with a warranty. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on the surge protector, just make sure it's got a warranty if it fails to protect your electronics. Make sure the socket the surge protector is plugged into is a grounded socket.
  4. When you have your HDMI cable, plug it into the back of the PS3 and into an available HDMI port on your Phillips HDTV. All HDTVs come with HDMI ports, and you should be able to locate one right on the side panel or the back of your Phillips full HD 1080p.
  5. Adjust the colors once you have the PS3 up and running. Enjoy your gaming experience on your Phillips HD full 1080p television set.
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