How To Connect PS3 To Your Computer With Ethernet Cable

While how to connect a PS3 to a computer with an ethernet cable may not be common knowledge, it is an incredibly simple task that can make your media transfer times blazing fast and even save you some money if your computer is closer to your system than the modem is. Without any extra equipment except your PC, an ethernet cable, and an ethernet adapter, you can hook up your PS3 anywhere in the house!

  1. Two connections are better than one. To be able to hook your PS3 up through your PC with an ethernet cable, the first thing you need is to have a spare ethernet port on the computer. This can come in two flavors. Either you have an extra ethernet card installed into your tower, or you have a wireless card or USB plugin that frees up your computers ethernet port. Either way, without a free port this won't be possible. Leave your computer hooked up to the internet through your modem as you would normally, but plug the ethernet crossover cable into both the PS3 and your computer's spare port.
  2. Open some windows. With the PS3 and the computer connected together with the ethernet cable, now it is time to make sure Windows knows how to handle this. Open up your control panel and navigate to your network connections. Depending on which version of Windows you might be called something slightly different, but will always be in the control panel. Right click on the very first connection, the one between your computer and the modem, and choose properties. When the box pops up click the "advanced tab." It will give you a few options, and you will have to turn on a connection sharing in order to allow your PS3 to connect through your computer. All this entails is checking the box that says "allow other users to connect through this computer's internet connection."
  3. Enjoy! After the box is checked, it will ask you to name the new connection. This connection represents the PS3 connected through your PC. Name it whatever you like, and you are done!

Some people have issues with firewalls or the PS3 not being able to connect to their computer, in which case you may have to play with the PlayStation's options. Otherwise you will now be able to share media and a connection between your computer and the PS3 using a humble ethernet cord!


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