How To Connect Regular Speakers To Car Stereo

Learning how to connect regular speakers to car stereo is fairly simple if you already know the basics. Keep in mind that you initially need to buy a speaker that is compatible with your car stereo. Connecting regular speakers is easier when they are compatible with your car stereo since they come with wires that are specifically compatible for your speaker brand.

To connect regular speakers to your car stereo, you will need:

  • Speakers
  • Car stereo
  • Masking tape
  • Pen for markings
  • Electrical tape
  • Soldering machine
  1. Disconnect the negative cable from your car  batteries. Never work with the cables connected to the car batteries. This is dangerous both to you and your car. You can disconnect them through removing the ground connection in the terminals of your battery.
  2. Plan the path of the cables. It is wise to check the length of the cables. They should at least run back and forth in the interior area of the car. Lay the wires first where the cables would be placed. This will ensure that the car stereo would not be pulled with the installation of the speakers.
  3. Remove the parts that are covered by the cables. The usual parts that should be removed include dash covers and floor covers. Keep a manual handy so that you can replace them correctly after the necessary works.
  4. Check on the cables and terminals of  the car stereo. Match the negative and positive terminals. It is best if you put masking tape with the right terminal mark ‘+’ or ‘-‘. The usual color for positive terminal is red with the ‘+’ sign and negative may come in a red wire with a black line or dot with the ‘-‘sign. The negative terminal or wire may also come in black and white for the positive.
  5. Connect the necessary  cables. There are car stereos that have a matching terminal that can just go for plug and play. Thus, if there are none, you should strip one terminal at a time and attach it. Say the positive cables should be stripped first and then attached to one another through twisting. And then the cables that are attached to one another can be covered with electrical tapes for a while. Do the same for the other cables.
  6. Make a  test. Attach the negative cable in the battery terminal and start the car. If the car stereo and the speakers work well, then you can proceed with the last step. If not, you should check all the cables whether these are properly attached. You should also check whether the connections are not severed.
  7. Solder the  cables. Remove the electrical tape first and then solder the cables. After the cables cool off, replace electrical tapes around each of the cables. You can also opt to secure the cables in the walls rather than keep them hanging.
  8. Replace the parts that would be covered by the  cables. Replace these according to the manual. It is quite easy to get manuals online or from the manual that comes with the car for easy reference.
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