How To Connect Surround Sound To TV

How to connect surround sound to TV will be made simple by following the appropriate steps to gain special TV watching experience. The pleasure of surround sound makes for an interactive movie event.

The items you need to connect surround sound to TV are:

  • TV
  • Multi-channel surround sound system
  • Cable cords (RCA, digital coax, HDMI)
  1. Check the sides or back of your TV. Depending on the type of television you have, you will have to get the appropriate cables to connect to surround sound. Unless you have a cable service, DirecTV or the new version of a DVD player, you won't be able to experience surround sound from a old TV. It's not equipped with five channels of audio to plug into five speakers.
  2. You will need a digital only connection (DVI) to transfer multi-channel signal. This is the only confusing part of connecting surround sound to your TV because DVI's have a wide range of usage. It is made easier with the cables being color coordinated.
  3. To transfer audio you will need cables. Most of the cables are RCA ( yellow, red, white) and these don't provide high quality audio. Use this only if you can't get a coax or HDMI cables.
  4. A digital coax carries out all audio digitally. To connect the digital coax cable look for a digital out (optical) in the back or side of your HDTV and connect it there. Next look for a optical in behind your surround system and connect the cable there.
  5. Another option will be to buy a high definition media interface (HDMI) cable. The updated HDMI cables are now backwards compatible with old cables and provide the same quality sound. Make sure your surround sound system can support HDMI cables because old surround sound systems may not support it. Plug the HDMI cables in the appropriate part of your TV and surround system. It will say HDMI in and HDMI out.



Introduction to Surround Sound

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