How To Connect Switch To Car Amplifier

Want to learn how to connect a switch to a car amplifier? Amplifiers are generally built to be operated using twelve-volt signals and can be turned on from a distance. If you are planning to install an aftermarket audio system in your car, the power supply will be provided by connecting a specific wire. However, same is not possible when you install a factory-made radio. The solution to this problem wiring the twelve-volt signal meant for the remote input with a switch. All you need to do to operate the amplifier is to simply turn on the switch.

Things you will need to connect a switch to your car's amplifier:

  • Amplifier
  • Tool for crimping wire
  • Twenty-feet long sixteen-gauge insulated wire
  • Fuse tap
  • Strippers or wire cutters
  • DC switch, single-throw two-position (a toggle knob is an ideal option)
  1. Locate the extra fuse opening in the car’s fuse box and insert a fuse tap. Fuse taps can be bought from your local car supply store. In case you are unable to locate the fuse box of your car, check the user manual of your car for details.
  2. Take the sixteen-gauge insulated cable and crimp its open end to fuse tap. Run the cable from this fuse to the place where the switch is to be installed. The place for installing the switch depends on your convenience; you may select a place that is hidden or a location that is easily accessible.
  3. Using wire cutters, cut the cable at the place where you are going to install the switch. Strip off about three-eighths of an inch of insulation coat from one end of the cable. Check the set of instructions that came with the switch. Connect the open end of the cable with the right post. (That is, connect the cable with the post that is to be connected with the electric supply.)
  4. Using wire cutters, cut a second piece of cable an length equal to the distance from the location of the amplifier to the switch. Make sure you consider how the wire would be routed while measuring the length. Strip about three-eighths of an inch of insulation coat from both ends of the second piece of wire.
  5. Connect an end of this cable with the other post of the switch. Connect the second end with the REM input of your amp. Loosen the set screw of the amp to connect the wire. Slide the open end of the wire inside. Fit the screw back.
  6. Check the working of the amp. Turn the switch on–the amp should turn on. Many amps available in the market have an indicator light showing whether it is receiving power supply or not. You can buy an amp with this feature.

Tips & Warnings:

  • When a switch is connected to control the amp of your car, it will remain in the "on" position until turned off manually. To prevent the switch from draining your battery, make sure you always turn off the amp when not being used.
  • Make sure the wire connected with the negative battery terminal is disconnected before you do any electronics-related work on the car. This is to avoid short circuits or possible electric shocks while working with electric circuits of your car.
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