How To Connect Vacuum Gauge In A Subaru

You've decided to install a vacuum gauge to in your car and want to know how to connect a vacuum gauge in a Subaru. A vacuum gauge helps to determine the amount of fuel being used at different throttle positions. Vacuum gages are meters that show the amount of vacuum being used up by the engine. The way that it works is it allows the driver to monitor the engine vacuum to adjust the gear position to get the best fuel usage. Connecting the vacuum gauge in a Subaru can be done by following a simple few steps.

To connect a vacuum gauge in a Subaru you need:

  • vacuum gauge
  • plastic tee fitting
  • vacuum gauge tubing
  • zip ties
  • razor knife
  1. Locate the vacuum line. The vacuum line is connected to the intake manifold underneath your hood in your Subaru. The vacuum line looks like a small black rubber hose. Once you locate the vacuum line, use the razor knife to cut the line in half. Insert the plastic tee fitting.
  2. Install the vacuum gauge tubing. Attach the gauge tubing to the free end of the tee fitting by using a zip tie. Run the tubing directly from the tee fitting to the gauge on your vehicle and use zip ties to secure it. Next, run the gauge from the opening in the Subaru firewall into the inside of your car. If there is a sensor, connect the hose to the sensor first and then run in through the firewall to the interior of your car.
  3. Connect the vacuum gauge. Determine which wire colors connect to what, if needed you check in your gauge manual to know what wire colors of the gauge connect to factory wires of the car. 
  4. Mount the vacuum gauge in the Subaru. Find a location for the vacuum gage inside your vehicle. Make sure that it will not interfere with your driving sight. Use your gauge mounting bracket and some tape to connect the vacuum gauge to your Subaru. Make sure the vacuum tubing is inserted carefully into the back of the gauge before you connect the gauge to the tape. Start the engine and make sure your vacuum gauge is moving and working.
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