How To Connect Wii Remote

Looking for directions on how to connect Wii remote? Your Wii remote will need to be connected, or synchronized, with your television in order for you to be able to play games. Before you begin connecting your Wii remote to your Wii console, you should place the rubber jacket on the remote to prevent any damage from occurring to the remote.

To connect a Wii remote, you will need:

  • A Wii remote
  • A Wii console
  • AA batteries
  1. Install batteries. Before you can begin to connect your Wii remote, you will need to install batteries in the remote. The battery compartment can be accessed by removing the cover from the back of the remote. You will need to insert two AA batteries into the battery compartment. Once you have inserted the batteries, replace the cover.
  2. Turn your Wii console on. Now that you have powered up your Wii remote by inserting batteries, you will need to turn your Wii console on to continue the connection process. You can turn your Wii on by pressing the "Power" button that is located on the front of the console.
  3. Connecting your Wii remote. To connect your Wii remote to your console, you will need to remove the battery cover again and press and release the "Sync" button once. You will then need to open the "Secure Digital Card" Slot cover on your Wii console and press and release the Sync button once. Your Wii remote will be successfully connected to your Wii console when the LED lights on your Wii remote stop blinking. You will need to repeat this process for every remote that needs to be connected to your Wii console.

Tip: Every Wii remote has a player number. The player number will be revealed at the top of your Wii remote when the connection process is complete.

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