How To Connect Xbox 360 To Laptop

Knowing how to connect your Xbox to a laptop will allow you to use the computer's internet connection. Once connected to the internet, you will be able to download new content for your gaming system.

Things you will need:

  • Xbox game console
  • Laptop
  • Wireless adapter or ethernet cable for your Xbox if the Xbox is located close enough to the router or modem to connect the cable

 To setup your connection:

  1. You will need to know the name of your internet connection. To find your connection name from your laptop, navigate to "Control Panel" and click "Network and Sharing Center." From there, write down the name of your network located on the right hand side near the top of the screen. A second option to finding your connection name is to hover your mouse cursor over the internet icon located on the start bar. This will bring up a box that will display the connection name.
  2. To connect the Xbox, navigate the Xbox menu until you see "Settings," then click the "X" button on the controller. From here you will click on "System Settings" and scroll to "Network Settings." Enter your network name that was written down previously and press "A."
  3. Get back on the laptop and return to the "Network and Sharing Center." Once the laptop finds the Xbox in its network, you will be asked if you want to connect. Click "Yes" when prompted.


  • If you are using an older Windows version, your "Network and Sharing Center" may just say "Network Center." For Windows 7 it may say "Network and Internet."



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