How To Connect To Xbox Live At A Hotel

So you are traveling and decide to bring your Xbox 360 with you and want to connect to Xbox Live at a hotel. Do not fret! We can actually help with that conundrum. When trying to connect to wireless service at a hotel, the issue that most people have is they cannot log into the wireless service from the Xbox 360. Most hotels will give you a username and password to access wireless service. You will have to enter that information into a website dedicated to the hotel's wireless service. Another issue you can run into is not having a wireless setup for the Xbox 360. Luckily there is a way around this.

You will need:

  • Xbox 360 console
  • Laptop with networking card
  • Access to the hotel’s wireless service
  • A crossover ethernet cable
  1. You will have to get access to the hotel’s wireless service by requesting a user name and password. Once you have the information, go ahead and turn on your laptop.
  2. Go into the Network and Sharing Center and click on your Network Connection. Click on "Properties" and then "Advanced." Put a checkmark in the box that allows other devices to connect through the laptop. Completing this step correctly is essential to connecting to Xbox Live at the hotel.
  3. Hook the crossover ethernet cable from your laptop to the Xbox 360. This should allow you to use Xbox Live at the hotel.
  4. Turn on your Xbox 360 and connect to Xbox Live. Now you are connected to Xbox Live at the hotel.



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