How To Contact MasterCard Fraud

Since more than ten percent of Americans each year are victims of identity theft, you may need to learn how to contact the MasterCard fraud department. MasterCard fraud could range from a stolen or duplicated credit card to a business illegally capturing customers' MasterCard numbers. Whether you're the victim or know of a company possibly victimizing credit card users, you can easily complete the task of how to contact MasterCard fraud.

  1. Write down any information you have about possible MasterCard fraud if you are concerned you might not remember details. This is likely necessary if you aren't the potential MasterCard fraud victim.
  2. To successfully fulfill your mission of how to contact MasterCard fraud, you can call 800-627-8372. If you're not in the United States, then you must complete the task of how to contact MasterCard fraud by calling 636-722-7111. If it's an emergency related to possible fraud, MasterCard will accept international collect calls.
  3. Tell the MasterCard fraud operator all the information you wish to report. If it's about your own account, you'll likely need to provide your MasterCard account number as well as your full name, address, and date of birth. If you successfully finished the task of how to contact MasterCard fraud because someone else's account might be compromised, give as many details as you have regarding the possible identity thieves. If you are frightened that your name could be associated with this report, consider calling the local police from a pay phone.


MasterCard: Emergency Contacts

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