How To Contact Raytheon To Start Collecting Retirement Benefit

Wondering how to contact Raytheon to start collecting retirement benefits? In order to start collecting retirement benefits from Raytheon, you must consider the history of the company. It was originally based in California and used to make semiconductor products. Raytheon is considered one of the three Superfund or National Priorities List to be cleaned up because investigations found high levels of contamination in the soil and groundwater, especially volatile organic compounds. Leaks from storage tanks and lines coupled with poor facility management contributed to these toxic exposures to the chemicals in nearby neighboring communities. With the help of the Environmental Protection Agency and other groups, employees and citizens are able to work and live due to the recent cleanups both in the groundwater and soil as well as the workplace. Here are ways to contact Raytheon to start collecting retirement:

  1. Must have worked at least three years to become vested in Raytheon. This is to insure that the employee is invested into the company. Once you have met this requirement, you can collect retirement benefits through Raytheon.
  2. Apply through the company by contacting human resources representative who specializes in the Raytheon's plan once you qualify for the retirement benefit. This ensures that the proper paperwork shall be submitted through their plan and the process to collect retirement benefits can begin. Human resources can also troubleshoot any issues in the beginning that may prevent you from collecting retirement benefits.
  3. Complete the retirement benefits paperwork provided in order for the company to contribute to your plan. Timeliness to turn in the forms will help you collect retirement benefits from Raytheon as soon as possible. Never delay in the filling out of forms as they are essential in order to become a participant in the retirement benefits.
  4. Keep the retirement benefit records close by at home once you start collecting retirement benefits. Make sure those documents are in a safe and secure place. These steps will help in case you have to review your policy for collecting retirement benefits from Raytheon quickly and without any delay.


  • Contributions made by Raytheon Company are based on the age of the employee at the date of employment once he or she is eligible for retirement benefits.
  • Always consult with Raytheon Company's policies on retirement benefits so you are aware of any changes in collecting and contributions to your plan.
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