How To Continue Training With Runners Knee

Learn how to continue training with runner's knee. This is a common enough condition among over-trained runners. Runner's knee, or patellofemoral pain syndrome, is not fun. Caused by worn cartilage, inherent biomechanical problems, tight muscles, or even repetitive motion, it is characterized by pain and tenderness behind and around the knee. While excess training can trigger the injury, making adjustments to your running program can allow you to continue training even with runner's knee. Find out how.

  1. Run less. As soon as pain is felt scale back your mileage. Reducing the strain and shock to the knees is essential if you want to continue training.
  2. Check your shoes. Go to a running store with salespeople who know what they're talking about and find out if you have the right shoe to fit your feet. You may also need more cushioning from your sneakers. If your soles are wearing thin, you may need to pick up a new pair to keep the training going with runner's knee.
  3. Do not stress your knees. While you train with runner's knee make sure you aren't doing any heavy lifting, stair climbing, or anything else that could put pressure on cartilage, tendons, bone, or muscle.
  4. Stretch. Tight muscles are a possible cause of this injury to begin with. Make sure you are stretching before and after you run. To focus on the knee, sit with one leg straight out, bend the other leg so the foot is against your thigh and reach forward to touch the extended leg's toes. Hold for twenty seconds, repeat, and then do the same thing for the other leg. You can also stretch out your knee by bending over to touch your toes from a standing position, just make sure your knees are slightly bent.
  5. Eat well. If you want your body to heal so you can continue training with runner's knee, you need to eat a healthy diet. Have plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially those that are rich in vitamin C. Consider taking a multivitamin.
  6. Go swimming. A great way to keep up the training level without continuing to hurt your knee is to run in the water. No impact, no damage.

You can continue training with runner's knee. Take care of your body, listen to the pain, scale back, and work through it.

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