How To Control Anger

Knowing how to control your anger is a serious issue. Anger problems are no laughing matter. Not being able to control you, anger can have devastating consequences. You can do some things, so anger does not take control of your entire life. Learn how to control your anger, by following these steps.

  1.  Remove yourself from the situation.When you feel yourself starting to lose control of your anger, you need to remove yourself from the situation. Removing yourself from the situation will give you a chance to get control of your anger. Just leaving the room and going outside for five minutes will give you a chance to cool down. Use this time to think about if you really have a good reason to be angry. Many times, when you take a few moments to think about the situation, you will have an entirely new perspective on the situation that caused you to be angry.
  2. Keep a journal. Many people are shocked at how keeping a journal can help them control their anger. This is actually very simple to do. Just keep a small notebook with you at all times. Every time you feel angry or frustrated, write down how you feel in the journal. Simply writing down your thoughts can help relieve your feelings of anger. Every night you can review your journal. When you are reviewing your journal, you can think about better ways to react to certain situations that always cause you to become angry.
  3. Take anger management classes. You might think that taking anger management classes might make you look weak. However, the truth is it takes a very strong man to go to admit that he needs help controlling his anger. During this type of class, you can learn different techniques that will help you deal with your anger. It can also be comforting to be around other people who share your same problems.
  4. See a therapist.  When you have problems controlling your anger, it is a good idea to get the advice of a trained therapist. You will want to go to a therapist who specializes in dealing with people who have anger issues. Seeing a therapist will only help you, if you are completely honest with the therapist. A good therapist will help you uncover underlying issues that might be causing you to be angry.
  5. Workout. Hitting the gym can help you relive pent up frustration. Instead of sitting around letting your anger build up, you need to get up and head to the gym. Setting specific workout goals, will give you something to concentrate on something besides your anger. When you are in the gym, do not hold back. Work as hard as you can at your workout. By the time you leave the gym, you should be too tired to worry about being angry.



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