How To Control An Erection

Want to learn how to control an erection? Face it, sometimes you want one and sometimes you really don't. Nothing is worse than being aroused at inopportune moments. To learn how to get rid of an erection fast read on for tips and information on how you can control an erection.

  1. Pinch the head of your penis to get rid of an erection. This classic advice usually works, so go find a private place such as a restroom and give it a try. This method should alleviate an erection rather quickly.
  2. Control your thinking. Think of something that would be sexually un-alluring in order to break the fantasy you may be having. If you can't think of anything, consider doing a task that requires your inner thoughts to be elsewhere, such as doing mathematics in your head or trying to recite the alphabet backwards. Another popular method is to think about baseball.
  3. Take a shower. Although it may be cliche, taking a cold shower or splashing some cold water on your erection can usually eradicate it. You may be able to shock it into submission.
  4. Wear loose clothing. You are less likely to become aroused in loose trousers than you are in tighter pants and underwear. Not only will you be more comfortable, you can often avoid becoming unintentionally stimulated by wearing the looser clothing.

It is possible to control an erection, but remember, you may have to resort to painful methods such as a stiff pinch or cold shower, which can diminish an erection. Above all just try not thinking about sex. It's hard, but making an erection that you don't want go away, can be done! These are all ways in which you can control an erection.



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