How To Control Masturbation

You want to know how to control masturbation, but it's just too tempting, right? Masturbation is natural. Most people do it. However, masturbation can become an addiction that is harmful to your health. It is possible to control your masturbation addiction and cut it down to reasonable levels. You will learn some ways to control masturbation in this guide. 

  1. Examine yourself so you know why you masturbate. Sure, you like to feel good. However, that's not why you masturbate. Are there particular habits that lead you to want to masturbate? Pay close attention to these thought processes. Do you masturbate to procrastinate on a project? Do you use masturbation to avoid painful feelings? 
  2. Change your breathing habits. Practitioners of yoga and other disciplines say that you can use breath control to control masturbation. Breath is connected to awareness. Proper breathing can pull your consciousness out of your groin so that you are more aware of other aspects of yourself. Breathe through your nose. Imagine that your abdomen is a balloon. On the inhale, you want your abdomen to expand like a balloon so that you actually feel it massaging your spine and your groin. When you exhale, try to make the same sound as the inhale at the same volume. The exhale should also take roughly the same amount of time as the inhale. Empty your lungs completely on the exhale. When you empty the lungs completely, the next inhale will be deeper. Keep your breathing rate down to ten or twelve breaths per minute or less. Practice this regularly so that it becomes a regular habit. You will enjoy much greater health. 
  3. Exercise. Exercise will also help you gain full-body consciousness. Create a regular fitness routine for yourself. 
  4. Substitute your habit. When you find your mind on a slippery slope to masturbation, you have the power to interrupt this pattern. To control masturbation, find a new habit, such as exercise or a healthy hobby, that makes you feel productive. 
  5. Keep a record. Mark down on a calendar when you masturbate. This is how you keep track of your progress. 
  6. Don't judge yourself. You may slip from time to time. This is true with any addiction. Your body is used to a particular pattern. Your hormone levels will reset themselves over time and create new cycles as you learn how to control masturbation. You may think that you're fine for a week. Then, your masturbation is suddenly harder to control. Take it one day at a time. Each moment is fresh. If you screw up, start new. Realize that overcoming masturbation addiction is a learning process. 
  7. Learn how to be content with your own feelings. We all have troubles being present with emotions. The ego likes to bury uncomfortable emotions and cling to excitement. This creates a nonstop roller coaster ride. Meditation is the process of learning how to live with yourself. You do not need to be religious to meditate. There are techniques for people of all religions. Find a technique that you personally connect with. You will discover short-term as well as long-term benefits. Realize that meditation is a long-term process. The short-term benefits can be both unpleasant and pleasant,  but you'll be glad when you have stuck with it for a year or more. 

Learning how to control masturbation is also an ongoing long-term process. Set your goal, create a plan and implement it without judgement. You will thank yourself as you become comfortable reducing your masturbation to two or three times per week. 

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