How To Control Overactive Sexual Desire

Need to learn how to control overactive sexual desire? A healthy libido can come in handy, but sometimes it is just not appropriate or comes at an inopportune time. Read on to find out how to control those overactive sexual desires that pop up every now and then.

  1. Cool off. If you are sexually aroused when you do not want to be, head to the nearest bathroom or shower, depending upon where you are. Cold water can quickly get rid of an erection, as the cold is a shock to your system. Hence, the whole taking a cold shower advice. So, if possible, take a cold shower to cool off your hot desire. If no shower is available, try splashing yourself with some cold water in order to drown your desire. Do not be too over-zealous because you do not want to be walking around soaking wet.
  2. Change your mind. If you are sexually aroused, you are probably thinking of some erotic images. By changing what you are thinking about, you may be able to get rid of your sex drive gone wild. Try thinking of something boring like doing math problems in your head or anything that will occupy you and take your mind off sex.
  3. Leave the tight pants at home. Try wearing some looser clothing, as tight clothes will only make it easier to become aroused and make your arousal more noticeable to those present. Loose pants make an erection less obvious and also make it less likely that you will get one in the first place.
  4. See your doctor. Overactive sexual desire can often be caused by hormonal issues, such as an overabundance of testosterone. Go see your primary physician if this is a chronic problem for you. He or she can test your blood and see if your hormones are within normal range.

 Hopefully these tips will make it easier for you to control any overactive sexual desire that may be bothering you. The more you think about sex and the tighter your clothes, the more you will become aroused at inopportune moments. Wear loose clothing, take a cold shower when possible, and see your doctor if your overactive sexual desire is getting in the way of your normal life.

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