How To Control Sexual Excitement

Learning how to control sexual excitement is not a difficult process. When you are less aroused, you can enjoy intercourse longer, and in many cases, you will also have a more satisfied partner. With some simple techniques and exercises, you can learn to control your sexual excitement.

To complete this task, you will need:

  • Pornographic images or videos


  1. Reduce the sexual stimulus to control your excitement. The more effective the stimulus, the more sexual excitement you’re likely to have. For example, if you find that looking at your partner before sex is a very strong sexual stimulus, try having sex in the dark to reduce the amount of stimulus you receive prior to intercourse.
  2. Masturbate more often. Masturbation can help you control sexual excitement prior to the act of intercourse. The longer it’s been since you received some sort of sexual gratification, the more likely it will be that you will get aroused quickly.
  3. Exercise mind control. Think of something else other than the act of sex. If your mind is somewhere else, then you may be able to control your sexual excitement. Try to concentrate on thinking of things that do not arouse you.
  4. Practice controlling your sexual excitement. Watch a pornographic video tape or look at pornographic images. While doing so, practice your mind control technique. Think of things that are not sexual and tell yourself out loud that you are not sexually excited by the images.

Once you have your sexual excitement under control, you will be able to have more prolonged, satisfying sexual experiences, for both you and your partner.