How To Control Sexual Feelings

It is important to be able to learn how to control your sexual feelings. Having sexual feelings, however strong, is normal. The problems start when feelings of sexual desire begin to take over your life. When you are spending most of your free time thinking about sex, you may have to deal with it. There are some ways to help curb your oversexed brain below.

To learn how to control sexual feelings, you will need:

  • patience to try to correct your out of control sexual feelings
  • the courage to admit that you may have out of control sexual feelings
  1. Have the courage to admit that your sexual feelings are controlling you, if you want to learn how to control your own sexual feelings. You must admit that your sexual feelings are controlling your life, and that they are distracting you from living a good life. Today's media is full of people having free sex, and it may seem that everyone is oversexed, and okay. Know that if you think your sexual feelings are affecting your life, they probably are.
  2. Talk with a mental health professional if you want to learn to control your strong sexual feelings. Seeing a doctor should be on the top of your to-do list. Try not to be too stressed about this. Doctors often see men dealing with the same problems you are struggling with. Doctors are there to help, not make moral judgements about you.
  3. Have patience with yourself with your struggle in beating your intense sexual feelings. There are many online support groups for oversexed people. If you feel that it may be better to talk to people in person, search the Internet for a sexual anonymous meeting in your area.
  4. Try to stop sexual feelings, but don't be too discouraged if you still think about sex. It is possible to control your feelings. Just try again, if you fail. And again.



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