How To Convert Audio Cassette To CD

With technology shifting from the audio cassette technology to Compact Discs technology, it is sometimes necessary to learn how to convert an audio cassette to CD. Converting an audio cassette to a CD is a great way of preserving and passing music from one generation to another. However, not many people are aware this is possible, let alone how to do it. When converting audio cassettes to compact discs the, most efficient method is shown below.

Things you will need:

  • A radio cassette player
  • A computer
  • An RCA 1/8 inch cable
  1. Set up the connection between radio and computer. You need to connect your radio to your computer using the RCA stereo outputs which are usually in red and white colors. Connect your radio cassette deck to the computer using the RCA to 1/8 inch cable. Match the red to the red jack and do the same to the white ones. You will capture your cassette signals by connecting the 1/8 inch stereo jack to the computer audio input. The audio card in your computer will help you to convert the analog signal to digital signal.
  2. Decide on how much recording you want to do. You can choose to record the entire side of the tape or each track separately with the assistance of the editing tools. Then you may begin your recording by playing the cassette and clicking on "record" on your computer. Make sure you start recording right away.
  3. Save your recording when it is finished. When saving the file you should check the settings and save the file as a WAVE file and if the software you are dealing with only records the audio, you will have to do it manually. Check to see that the recording is saved on your computer. You are ready to burn the files to a CD after recording and saving properly.
  4. Burn your recordings to a CD. Insert a CD (compact disc) into your computer, and locate the file where you saved the recording. Using your CD burning software which is usually installed on your computer, select the CD, and burn the file to the CD. You may also name the CD using the software.

Once the process is done the discs should be stored in places where they will be safe from scratches. It is advisable to put them in CD pockets and arrange them on racks. Unlike the cassettes, CD’s are very sensitive and require ultimate care to protect the quality of sound. If these items used in this process are not easily available near you, then visit your nearest music stores. They will be able to advise or even do it for you.



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