How To Convert A Bike To An Exercise Bike

Knowing how to convert a bike to an exercise bike is essential to getting the great cardio and strengthening exercise of cycling when it can’t be done outside. Just 30 minutes a day can have amazing results, with biking reducing the risks of cardiac diseases and other chronic illnesses, according to Knowing how to convert your bicycle to a indoor exercise bike can greatly improve your chances of reaping these benefits in any season.

You need three primary elements in order to convert a bike to an exercise bike:

  • A stabilizer for the bike.
  • A roller for the rear support.
  • Some sort of resistance.

All three requirements are filled by a "trainer," a mechanism to convert a bike to an exercise bike. In order to convert your bike to a stationary bike with a trainer, follow these simple steps:

  1. Designate an area. Choose where to convert the bike to an exercise bike and prepare an area suitable to suit your needs for exercise and entertainment, which is important to keep exercising interesting.
  2. Choose your trainer. Many bike shops and exercise machine dealers sell these trainers you need to convert a bike to an exercise bike. There are three major trainer types; each provide a different type of resistance mechanism.

    • Wind trainer–uses the roller to drive fans that provide resistance when pedaling.
    • Magnetic trainer–uses a mechanism with two magnets for pedaling resistance, often involving a control box for resistance control.
    • Fluid trainer–uses liquid-filled chambers to provide the quietest but most expensive resistance.
  3. Search online and locally for the appropriate store or dealer to purchase the trainer from. The trainer should incorporate value with a great price and optimal efficiency. Many internet sources offer various styles of bike trainers to convert a bike to an exercise bike.
  4. Assemble the trainer. The trainer may come already assembled, however if it doesn't, you’ll be responsible for set up.
  5. Attach the bike to the trainer. The trainer likely provides clips that will attach the bike to the stabilizing frame for easy attachment and detachment. Attach the bike with the clamps and ensure all areas of the bike are level and attached properly.
  6. Jump on and ride! Though you aren’t going anywhere, you’re getting a great cardio workout and for those of you with arthritis, you can enjoy strengthening exercises for those lower limbs.

Once you know how to convert a bike to an exercise bike you’ll be able to exercise year round with ease. No more lazing around in the winter and getting out of shape during the holidays! You can convert a bike to an indoor bike and be on your way to exercise heaven.




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