How To Convert CD To MP3

If you have just purchased a new computer, you may want to learn how to convert CD to MP3. Many people have amassed a great deal of cd's over the years. Converting those cd's to mp3 not only saves money on downloads but gives more for the money by utilizing cd's. To convert CD's to MP3's you will need the following:

  • Computer
  • Media Player program
  • CD


  1. Use Windows Media. It is always best to consult the manufacturer for the newest version of any program and for new instructions. Basically, insert the disc into the computer. Open Windows Media Player, then select the option to rip music. The option for format is listed, be sure to choose MP3. Next click OK. Rip the music and it is now saved to the computer as a MP3 file.
  2. For those who prefer ITUNES. Converting CD's to mp3's is also quite easy. The first step is to insert the disc into the computer. Then open ITUNES. The next step is to click on preferences. Then go to Advanced. The next step is to click on Importing. Then change the drop down to MP3 as the output. Then select the inserted CD. The next step is to click the Import CD icon. The music is now in MP3 format and the conversion of cd to mp3 is successful.
  3. For those who prefer Nero. The steps to converting CD to mp3 are quite simple. First Open the Nero program. Then click on the save tracks option. Next insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive on the computer. In the source menu find the find the drive that contains the CD. In the output field select MP3 Save to the preferred file. The CD has been officially converted to mp3.

There is no need to pay to convert CD's to mp3's. There are many programs that are standard on microsoft and apple computers that complete the process quickly and easily. The additional money saved on downloads can be used to purchase more cd's to convert to mp3's.



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