How To Convert Computer Monitor To Satellite TV

Surprisingly, converting a computer monitor into a satellite TV may be easier than you think. All you really need are  the right cables. Even the cables can be purchased inexpensively. If you have a computer monitor that has a TV tuner built in, then you will not need this manual. IN that case, simply connect your computer monitor to a satellite box and enjoy. Follow these steps to convert a computer monitor into a satellite TV.

What you will need: 

  • A satellite TV box with service
  • VGA to composite video cable converter
  • Composite A/V cable
  1. Purchase a VGA to composite video cable converter. You can purchase this device on sites such as monoprice and others. This will convert the normal video output from a satellite box to one you can plug into your computer monitor.
  2. Attach the VGA end of the converter cable to the back of your computer monitor. Attach the other end to a composite video cable.
  3. Plug the other end of the composite video cable into the back of your satellite TV box. Make sure to use the video output and not one of the audio outputs for this. 
  4. Attach the audio output to either the audio inputs on your monitor if it has speakers, or external speakers. You will need to do this to hear the audio from the TV broadcast. 
  5. Turn on the computer monitor and test the setup. Make sure to select the VGA input. Also make sure that the satellite box is turned on and outputting video.



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