How To Convert Itunes To Mp3

Learning how to convert iTunes to MP3 can help you when it comes to your music collection. If you have songs that are not in MP3 format, you can easily convert your iTunes tracks to MP3 format. This is an easy process to follow, which can help place all of your music in one universal file format (MP3). Follow these steps to learn how to convert iTunes to MP3.

In order to convert your iTunes tracks to MP3 format, you will need:

  • Computer
  • iTunes (either for Mac or Windows)
  • Song files (on the computer)
  1. Choose a file that you would like to convert. You will need to identify tracks that you would like to convert to MP3.
  2. Open "Preferences" in iTunes. For Windows, go to "Edit" and then "Preferences." Alternatively, on a Mac, select "Preferences" via "iTunes."
  3. Select the "Settings" button. Select the "Settings" button, which is located in the second section of the "General" button.
  4. Choose the encoding format you would like to use. You will find this in the popup window, "Import Using."
  5. Choose the song(s) to change to MP3 format. You can select just one or as many songs as you would like to convert. Next, from the "Advanced" menu, select "Create MP3 version."
  6. Note any protection encodings on songs. Some songs that are purchased use a protected AAC format that you will not be able to convert to MP3. According to Apple, this is not the case with iTunes Plus purchases. Beware of this issue if you purchase music online from Apple or other locations.



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