How To Convert Jacuzzi To A Tub

Need to know how to convert Jacuzzi to a tub? So you no longer see a need to have that big honking Jacuzzi taking up space in your bathroom? Well, you could always convert it into a tub and make it, well, useful. Since Jacuzzis really aren't good for much besides shriveling your skin after prolonged use, convert it to a bathtub and give your shower a break from your wretched body odor and foot stench for a while.

Things You Won't Need:

  • Fancy soap
  • Candles
  • Engraved washcloths
  1. Get rid of any traces of luxury in your Jacuzzi. That means either using up or dumping that fancy soap that's sitting on the edge of the Jacuzzi tub. You should probably use it up as quickly as possible, or you'll just be throwing good soap money after bad Jacuzzi expenses.
  2. Refuse to turn on the Jacuzzi bubbles. Real tubs don't have bubble jets. And real men don't play in bubbles.
  3. Move those Jacuzzi candles to some other location in the house. You won't be needing them anymore if you're going to use your Jacuzzi as a tub. Either burn them in your fireplace or light them in some other stinky area of the house – like your bedroom, perhaps. Or the laundry room.
  4. Substitute those luxury towels and engraved washcloths for real washcloths and towels that actually wash and dry your body when you use them.
  5. Accessorize some other area of your house with the Jacuzzi pillows. Real tubs don't need pillows because you're not going to be in it long enough to sit back and rest your head.
  6. Fill your Jacuzzi only when you need it filled to use as a bathtub. Don't leave that stagnant water in there forever.
  7. Prepare your pocketbook for a far less expensive water bill. Once you get rid of the Jacuzzi function in your Jacuzzi, it's bye-bye to hidden expenses.
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