How To Convert Mono To Stereo

Converting mono to stereo audio is not always possible in the way you might think. You can play mono audio through two speakers however, and have the same audio played through both speakers. You can use this method when playing older audio equipment, like a record player, which might only have a mono output. To convert mono audio to stereo, you need to have a stereo audio source when using a home stereo for playback. Follow these steps to convert mono audio to stereo.

What you will need:

  • Audio cable
  • Audio splitter
  • Cable stripper
  • Audio connector
  1. From the mono audio source, attach a splitter. The type of splitter you will need depends on your setup. One common type of audio output on a stereo is a 3.5 mm connection. Another type would be exposed wire into clips on the back of the stereo. For this type, you may need to splice cable to attach from this connection to the splitter.
  2. From both ends of the splitter, attach a cable to a different speaker. You can also attach the audio cables to different audio sources instead of speakers, such as an audio receiver. 
  3. Test the connections by playing the audio.

Tip: If you are working with audio on your computer, you can download the program Audacity to digitally convert a mono audio track to stereo. In this method, a splitter would not be needed. In the program, open the audio file, select it, and choose to convert the track to stereo.

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