How To Convert MP3 To Midi

If you want to know how to convert MP3 to Midi, look no further. The Midi was first defined as an industry standard protocol for synthesized music in 1982, gaining popularity throughout the early and mid 90's as a form of sharing music online. To convert MP3 to Midi isn't really considered as "natural" as Midi to MP3. Think of the Midi file format as sheet music, or instructions, that an MP3 file can be composed of. MP3 to Midi, on the other hand, is like listening to music and writing sheet music down for it. While this may be more complicated, it still is completely possible with today's music technology.

Here is what you will need to change your MP3 to Midi:

  • A Music File Converter (may or may not cost money)
  1. Download an a converter that can undertake your MP3 to Midi conversion. Unlike what some programs might want you to think, there is not "just one" MP3 to Midi converter. For some examples, check out Audacity, Widisoft, or Intelliscore. A simple search of "convert MP3 to Midi" online will display thousands of viable results. Be careful not to download malware: have an anti-virus software ready upon download of a lesser-known converter.
  2. Install the program. This may or may not take a while, depending chiefly on which MP3 to Midi converter you have chosen. Click "Next", agree to the terms and conditions, and save the program in a known directory on your hard drive. Try to avoid advertisements like toolbars in the setup.
  3. Launch the MP3 to Midi converter. Select the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (Midi) file type you want to convert your MP3 to (such as .midi or .mid). Choose the MP3 that will be converted, finish any required option fields specific to your program, and convert! Be sure to make the output directory somewhere you can notice the new file (such as the desktop).

So if you want to convert MP3 to Midi, there are a few simple steps to take. While converting from MP3s to this specific file type can generate small errors in your final track, it is the best known way to convert nowadays. Who knows? Hopefully MP3 to Midi file conversion will be perfected sometime in the near future.

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