How To Convert MP4 To MP3

So, you need to know how to convert MP4 to MP3? Well, here we're going to tell you the simplest way to do so. An MP4, or MPEG-4, file is a movie file that is made for Quicktime and iTunes. An MP3 file is a music file played in any type of music or media player. Both files are completely different files. So basically, you're turning a movie into a music or sound file. In this article, we're going to tell you the easiest and quickest way of converting from MP4 to MP3.

  1. Locate the MP4 file. You have probably put the movie file onto your desktop or someone else that you can probably find easily. Once you have found it, move onto the next step.
  2. Open your internet browser. Once you have opened it, click into the address bar and type into it. Now, press enter. You should be taken to the WinFF site. WinFF is a useful tool that is free. It can convert a lot of media files, which includes MP4 to MP3. Now, click on the downloads tab. If you have Windows, then click on the icon with "MS Windows Installer 1.x (Latest Version)," with 'x' being a number. It should start downloading automatically but if it doesn't, then start it.
  3. Install WinFF. Double click on winff-1.x-setup.exe with 'x' being a number. Follow the instructions on installing the program. Once it's done installing, run WinFF by double clicking on its icon.
  4. It's time to convert MP4 to MP3. Click on the button that says "Add." Now, navigate to the MP4 file and click on open. It should now say the path of the MP4 file as well as the name of the MP4 file. Next to "Convert To," there should be a drop menu. Click on it and scroll down until you find "Audio." Then click on "Audio." Now, there should be another drop menu next to "Device Preset." Click on it and scroll down until you find "MP3". Then, click on it. Now, click on convert. A black window with a lot of white text should now pop up. Leave it alone until the last line says "Press any key to continue…" Now, press any key on your keyboard. Then, navigate to your "[My] Documents" folder and look for the MP3 file. The MP3 file should have retained the name of the MP4 file.
  5. Open the MP3 file. Double click on the MP3 file and your media player should pop up. Your movie file has been successfully converted from MP4 to MP3!
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