How To Convert PS1 Saves To PS3

If you want to convert your PS1 saves to PS3, you will need a memory card with your saved game on it. PS3 comes with internal memory cards that save to the hard drive. This is where you will transfer your saved games. You have to navigate the menus to be able to create an internal virtual card, but with these steps, you should bea ble to find the right path to saving your PS1 saved games onto a virtual card on your PS3 gaming console.

If you want to convert your saved PS1 games to your PS3, you will need:

  • PS1 memory card with the saved game on it.
  • Memory card adapter
  • PS3
  • PS1 game that you want to play
  1. Insert the PS1 memory card with the PS1 saved game on it that you want to play into the PS3.
  2. Create the Internal Memory card. Go to the game menu on the media bar. This is where you assign a virtual card on your PS3. This is also where your PS1 games will save. Create the virtual card.
  3. Save your Memory card onto the new virtual card. Hit triangle on your virtual card and you will have options. Select which one you need to save the games from the memory card.
  4. Play the game. You can now play the game. Insert the disk and hit the PS button. You will see an option to "assign slots." Pcik the one you saved your PS1 game on.

You should now be able to play saved PS1 games on your PS3.

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