How To Convert Two Wheel Motorcycles To Three Wheels

As there is a rising demand for economical rides, it is deemed necessary to know how to convert a two wheel motorcycle to three wheels. Two-wheeled motorcycles are useful for individual use, but to make your motorcycle commercial a third wheel should be attached. This procedure leaves the bike with a three-wheel alignment of one at the front and two wheels behind. This is now known as a trike.

To convert a two wheel motorcycle to three wheels, you will need:

  • A light use jack
  • A metal lever
  • A welding machine
  • Two trailer tires and wheels
  • Paint supplies for touch up
  • Sheet metal stock
  • A wheel piece
  1. We start the process by disassembling the motorcycle's rear wheel. In order to get a three wheel structure for your motorcycle, you need to realize that the rear wheel will have to be altered, but only the rear wheel has to be dismantled. The first step involves unscrewing the nuts that hold the wheel at the back. Slowly and carefully, the tire is pulled off after loosening the chain.
  2. The next step involves deciding length of the axle. Generally a good three wheel trike structure has an axle length that is half of the bike length. The axle installed on the motorcycle will also be measured.
  3. To get the final axle length, subtract the length of the bike axle from half of the bike length. The resulting value has to be divided by two. The measurement attained is used to measure the sheet metal stock.
  4. The two axle pieces, cut from metal stock, are welded with the original axle. The extended structure has to be fixed with hubs. The motorcycle chain is mounted back on the sprockets.
  5. The wheel piece is connected and welded on the end of each extended axle. The tires are bolted tight with the new structure to accommodate the two wheels. Fenders can be added at this point. These are painted to make the final structure eye catching.
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