How To Convert Youtube To Mp3

How to convert Youtube to MP3 takes only a few seconds compared to searching all over the internet to find a legitimate website to receive MP3 songs from. It does not take a special program to transform Youtube videos into an MP3, just a computer, mouse, and you are set to go.

To convert Youtube to MP3, you will need:

  • A computer with internet connection
  • Audio speakers
  • Adobe Flash Player
  1. Install Adobe Flashplayer in your computer. The majority of video media sites requires Adobe Flashplayer to view movies, music videos, and TV shows properly. Visit the official Adobe website to download the free program to convert Youtube  to MP3 songs.
  2. Go to Youtube. To convert a Youtube video, visit the video sharing website, and then type the name of the artist or song to transform into an MP3. Not only can you use music videos, but you can also choose TV shows or movies clips to be turned into an MP3 file; just copy and paste the URL from the address bar above the video and proceed to the next step.
  3. Visit a Youtube converter website. Use "VidtoMp3" that accepts Youtube videos to convert into MP3. Paste the url address in the box where it says, "Enter Video URL Below To Convert Into MP3" then press the yellow button to download. Wait a few seconds while the Youtube video becomes an MP3 file. After the download completes, press the "Download MP3" button to save the file in your computer. “VidtoMp3” is a free website where you can convert videos to MP3 files as many as you like.
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