How To Convince My Girlfriend To Kiss A Girl

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I need to know how to convince my girlfriend to kiss a girl"? Many men are turned on by hot girl-on-girl action, so it isn't uncommon to want to know how to convince your girlfriend to kiss a girl. Just because your girlfriend identifies as straight does not mean she won't be open to kissing another girl, especially if she knows it will excite you or enhance your sex life. A girl who is sexually liberated will likely react more positively to the idea than one who is slightly more uptight or inexperienced. So when you first suggest that she kisses another girl, be prepared for all kinds of responses. However, if you adopt the proper attitude and follow this guidance, you should be able to convince any girl to swap spit with another chick.

  1. Gauge your girlfriend's initial feelings. Perhaps you got lucky and your girlfriend is as into the idea of kissing another girl as you are. If this is the case, you'll have a pretty easy time putting the plan into action. It is more likely, though, that she will be at least slightly resistant to the idea at first. If she expresses uncertainty or disinterest, let her sleep on the idea for a few days and ask her again. She may change her mind if you give her some space to think it over.
  2. Let her know how much it would turn you on. Girls like to know that their boyfriends find them attractive, hot and sexy. Your girlfriend might be extremely turned on just by knowing how much she turns you on. Make sure to let her know that watching her kiss another girl would make her even sexier to you than she already is.
  3. Reassure her that you have no true interest in the other girl. While you will certainly want the other girl to be attractive, your girlfriend might be worried that you will be attracted to this new girl more than you are to her, that you are bored with your relationship or that you are using the setup as a way to watch another girl in action. Make sure your girlfriend knows that you are dedicated to her, and she is the one who turns you on the most.
  4. Decide when and how it will happen. You may prefer your girlfriend to kiss another girl spontaneously, whether it be at the next bar you visit or the next party you attend, whenever the moment strikes. If you want to plan something beforehand, you'll want to mutually decide on the girl whom she will kiss. If you're lucky, she may want to engage in a full-on threesome, in which case you'll not only mutually select the other girl, but mutually enjoy her as well!
  5. Lubricate the situation. As long as you are of legal age, it will definitely be in your best interest to introduce some alcohol into the mix. Since alcohol tends to diminish inhibitions, it might make your girlfriend feel less tense or more comfortable kissing another girl, especially if it's her first time or if she's just nervous. But drink responsibly of course; you don't want to get too drunk to make out or to forget it all the next day!

Watching your girlfriend kiss another girl can be one of the hottest things a guy can imagine. However, if your girlfriend is adamant about not wanting to kiss a chick, it is best not to push the issue or you'll run the risk of destroying your relationship.

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