How To Convince My Wife To Seduce Another Couple

You may occasionally find yourself thinking, "I want to know how to convince my wife to seduce another couple." Once you convince your wife to seduce another couple you will find that your love life will become much more interesting. First, you must make sure your wife feels comfortable in your relationship and with her body. Finding the kind of couple your wife is comfortable with is also important to making this happen.

  1. Make your wife feel confident and comfortable about her own sexuality. In order to convince your wife to seduce another couple she has to feel confident about your sex life and her abilities as a lover. If she feels insecure, she may fear that you will like sex with the other female better than with her. In addition, she may feel as though she will not properly please the other man. For a long period prior to suggesting this, tell her how wonderful she is in bed and let her know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re crazy about her.
  2. Make sure she understands it’s for your mutual fun, and not just for you. Men are traditionally more likely to seek out multiple partners, while women prefer the security and emotional connection of being with one man. To convince your wife to seduce another couple, explain to her that you are not doing this merely to sleep with more women, but that the mutual physical enjoyment you will get with new partners can be arousing for you both.
  3. Visit online swingers’ forums. There is a perception that those who practice “open love” in their relationships are somehow perverse, odd, or out-of-the-mainstream. Join some online swingers’ forums and engage in dialogue with members there. In order to convince your wife to seduce another couple she needs to see that she may have a lot in common with people who practice this lifestyle. As she interacts with them more and gets her questions answered, she’ll feel more comfortable. She’ll also learn that these people are very mainstream and are the kind of people she interacts with on a daily basis.
  4. Role play. When convincing your wife to seduce another couple you can ease her into the idea by role playing. You can travel separately to a bar or club and pretend not to know each other. Have her come up to you and hit on you, both of you acknowledging that you have a spouse somewhere else. Similarly, when you are having sex she can pretend that you are someone else, and that your own spouses are also engaging in intercourse, perhaps in the adjacent room.
  5. Take her to the proper place to meet people. You may want to go to a swingers’ party to ease her into the idea, or you may just want to go to a nightspot where people similar to you hang out. Either way, to convince your wife to seduce another couple she will have to be comfortable with the selection of potential mates. A club where sexuality is on display and where alcohol is consumed is a good place for all parties to be relaxed and open to more amorous intentions.
  6. Consider trying it while on vacation. To convince your wife to seduce another couple she will have to feel confident that she will not see these people again should things not go well. Trying it while away on vacation will help to ensure this. In addition, people are a little more likely to be open to new things and to be a little more adventurous while on vacation.
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