How To Convince Your Girlfriend You Love Her

Discovering how to convince your girlfriend that you really love her can seem like quite an overwhelming chore. Here you will find many different ways that you can show your girlfriend just how special she is to you in a variety of situations so that it can become part of your life together instead of something you fear doing! Maybe it will even become second nature to you.

  1. Show your girlfriend that you appreciate what she does to make your life better. If your girlfriend is always the one that picks up dinner on her way home, rents movies for date night, or walks the dog when you feel make sure you show appreciation! Of course all girls are different, so pay attention to the thing your girl really hates to do, but still does for you. Tell her you appreciate that she does that for you. Acknowledging that she does make sacrifices for you is also going to ensure that she continues to help you out in the future.
  2. When you have some extra time do something that she normally takes care of. This takes commitment though, if you are going to opt to clean the kitchen so she doesn't have to make sure you actually clean it so she doesn't have to. If you decide that you are going to do laundry don't throw a load in the washer then expect her to think you have done a great job. Truly help her out to the standard that she does it typically.
  3. Plan a romantic day when you know she needs a break from reality. Not all girls want romance all of the time, but I guarantee that all girls want romance sometimes! Pay attention to when she really seems to be having a hard time at work, or with family. Then plan a day where she doesn't have to do anything at all. You can plan a romantic day in, drive in the country, picnic in the park. Something that is simple yet requires her to do no work or decision-making! 
  4. We all know the old saying of "actions speak louder than words," well that couldn't be more true! Any guy can say those three special words "I love you," but if they don't make a girl feel like she is loved then saying it is pointless! Make sure to always set aside some uninterrupted time for your girl so that you can show her you are willing to do what it takes to show your love too!
  5. Remind her of small things. If she keeps forgetting to pick up her dry cleaning, thank you cards, or an item at the store, show her you listen to her and remind her to get it the next day. Forgetting simple things can be quite annoying, so showing her that you listen while she rants about her bad memory will make her feel like you do listen to her even when she's complaining.
  6. Little things really do make big statements! Showing your girlfriend that you have thought of her thought the busy day will make her feel more special. Finding a variety of ways to make her feel thought about is actually quite simple throughout your daily life. If you find ways throughout your daily life to say "I was thinking of you," she will brag about them for years to come! Any time you see something that reminds you of is a great opportunity to get brownie points. If you see her favorite chips that she can never find while stopping at the store pick them up. If you see that she is always buying a certain magazine buy her a subscription. If you notice that she keeps talking about this new restaurant by your work get some take out on your way home. There will always be something that seems small, which will make her heart swell—so just pay attention!
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